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Top 10 Music Moments of 2022

2022 was a weird and wild year. 2 years post-lockdown and the landscape of music looks more different than ever, with live shows slowly and cautiously making their return, and an influx of new at-home producers born of the creative spirit forged by a changed and more accessible world. 

Good or bad, this year brought us a lot of new experiences, challenges, opportunity, and most importantly some diverse and amazing music moments that are worth writing about, and this right here is our top 10. From albums, songs, experiences, and live shows, music this year is one thing that made us start to feel like we may just be okay. 

Without further ado ( and in no particular order) let’s get into it: 


The American Psycho Tour with Aesthetic Perfection, Josie Pace & genCAB

We caught up with the tour on the second to last stop in Atlantic City New Jersey at the Anchor Rock Club Thanksgiving-eve ( our first time going out on this all-too popular party night).  The amount of energy, charisma, and raw talent oozing from each headliner made this night electric, and for being our first ticketed concert in 2 years, it felt GOOD to be back. We were able to chat with both Daniel ( video coming soon) and Josie prior to the show ( watch that HERE)


Czarina- The Wonderland Live Performance 

How does one describe Czarina? Watching this performance with my mother I described her as ” A tribal future earth witch”. From the very first drum beats of  “Celestial Satellites” spanning over a rocky Spanish cliffside, you are summoned to a ritual celebration. Czarina is an artist in every sense of the word, and this performance captures her in all of her glory. You can watch the full performance, HERE


One of our most welcome and inspiring finds of 2022.  Started in 2020, this series takes you on a pixel art adventure satirizing fame and stardom with some legitimately catchy, and incredible music featuring guest collaborators like Blue Stahli, Daniel Graves ( Aesthetic Perfection) and more. This project become a huge chunk of our 2022 soundtrack. Watch the series, HERE


To the Stars We Return Live 

Prior to the release of his 2nd album in October, To the Stars We Return headlined a live show ( his very first!) at the City Winery in Philadelphia, PA. His music itself is an experience, and being able to see it live, along with a beautiful vocal performance felt like we were able to witness something truly special. We even got to talk with him right after his performance which you can watch HERE


From the mind of the Brazilian cyber metal powerhouse The Gee J, this ambitious Metal project born in 2022 combines the talents of vocalists, musicians and writers all over the world. This is one of the most exciting, and brutal projects we’ve ever come across. We already thought the Gee J could do no wrong, and he went ahead and found a way to innovate and take metal further into the future. You can follow Homoiousios, HERE 


Opening for Unheard Sirens, Inc 


We started out our year with a bang by taking a roadtrip down to Virginia to open up for our good friends Unheard Sirens, Inc. This not only marked our first time performing in front of a live audience, and not just on Twitch, it also gave us the opportunity to see their ‘Pop Music from an Alternate Universe’ live. You can watch the full show, HERE 

Bending Grid- “Love Arcade” 

You like MC Chris with your synthwave? Hearing this for the first time on Taste of the Underground, we were instantly hooked. It’s not every day you get to relive your entire childhood to bouncy bars, and an irresistible beat, but this song nails it. What makes this a highlight? I still find myself getting this stuck in my head, and I doubt that will change any time soon. Catch the video, HERE

Keith McCoy- “Tacky Boots & Technology” EP

Prog rock, metal & synths. 3 of our absolute favorite flavors, and Keith McCoy hits every note on the pallete. “C.U.N.L” kicks you in the gut wearing Rick Wakeman’s shoes right from the first notes & leaves you with the type of whiplash that leaves you trapped in the artistic conundrum of either being more inspired to write music, or wanting to never pick up another synth or guitar again. Pure, progressive perfection from beginning to end. Listen, HERE 

KTHULLU album by Dav Dralleon 

We don’t like to double dip ( see ARK’s review HERE), but we’re gonna George Costanza this bitch, because this album… THIS ALBUM RIGHT HERE. I was once a sweet summer child who thought the visions of primordial gods hellbent on the enrapture of the human race was nestled safely in the imagination and on the page. Not anymore. Dav Dralleon has given us the screams of a waking nightmare and his ensuing destruction for 56 minutes. And its magnificent. You can buy it, HERE 



Finding a community of live synth artists who perform on Twitch in 2022 would have been a highlight in and of itself, but being able to perform among them during 3 days of non-stop music was one of the funnest experiences musically. To top that off, we had the chance to be welcomed into a collective of some of the most diverse, and creative performers. Creating a full and original 2 hour set was a marathon we’d run over & over ( and add more Futurama samples) again and we can’t wait to dive back into in 2023. To learn more about Synthfest, the Golden Shrimp Guild and when to catch the next one head HERE

To see a highlight of our performance, pop on over HERE

And that’s it, folks! How do you sum up an entire year of music in 10 moments? Well you try to reflect as you do with any new year on the moments that made you feel, that pushed you, helped you grow, or gave you a glimmer of happiness if only for a few minutes. This is the power of music, and we can’t wait to see what 2023 brings. 

About the Author:
Cait ( or C8 depending on which program you’re conversing with) is one-half of the team behind the birth of Outworld Sounds. A horror head, anime nerd in a fun-size package, and a long-time and passionate follower of Metal & Dance music, she dove into the world of creating synth music with her husband during the pandemic and dreams of one day taking their act on the road like a traveling band of cyberpunk gypsies.  She lives in the beacon of civilization NJ, USA with her husband & life collaborator Max, their dog Baphomet, and their magical daughter. You can follow her on Twitter where she likes to post bad memes & talk about movies. 

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