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Through the Cerebral Cortex

Single Review

Draven ft We Are Magonia

Through The Cerebral Cortex

Author: Atomic Robo Kid

My evil offerings to the blood gods have finally been heard…

It’s no secret I absolutely love  Draven and We Are Magonia, and when I heard that they were collaborating on a track I can tell you I was beside myself with excitement. Like an out-of-body experience, it didn’t quite feel real. Here I am listening to ‘Through The Cerebral Cortex‘. Yes, you heard right; these Horrorsynth and Darksynth titans have teamed up. [SPOILER] It’s dark, it’s glitchy, it’s punchy, it’s aggressive, it’s hard hitting and you can imagine going crazy to this on the dancefloor in an EBM / Industrial club. 
Let’s get the scalpel ready, peel away the outer tissue and peer inside the cerebral cortex…
The track starts with an immediate tapping into our fears with sounds of torturous equipment, that provide interesting percussive elements, whilst horror-ridden synthesized industrial tones create a rising tension. A well constructed soundscape, and woven through it all are layers of dark trance melodies. When these come to a rhythmic fruition, we are hit full force with a skull smashing kick and an electrifying violent bass line.
My normally relaxed facial features now tense up into full on ‘bass face’, you know that face you can’t help but make when you listen to decent Dubstep? Perhaps, just me then! I’m not saying this is a dubstep bassline, but a deeper, richer and punchier Cyberpunk type affair. This track makes great use of clever juxtapositions of sound and genres. 
We should be aware that the Cerebral Cortex is responsible for cognition, and cognition refers to the process of the acquisition of knowledge through thought and experience of the senses. Then, we can be prepared for the full-on assault of our senses, allowing for a deep exploration of the power of the mind.
To further this dissection, exploring deeper into the neural tissue of track progression at just past half way through a spoken vocal informs us of some deeper meaning. A man of science speaks of his discovery:
‘Music is not simply entertainment. Music is a composition which enables us to enrich the capabilities of the human mind… Learning how to use your mind, properly, the way it was intended to be used is the purpose here..It’s the principle of the human mind’
With that final word we are launched into a labyrinth of sound, a fast paced rising, and falling high end melody which is almost euphoric in style and composition. The coupling of dark up tempo beats and Techno style Synth works in perfect harmony. I challenge you not to want to move to this. 
‘Through The Cerebral Cortex’ by Draven and We Are Magonia will be enjoyed by all that like to push boundaries to genre melting levels. Fans of Darksynth, Horrorsynth, Industrial and EBM will find something compelling here. One listen will get the blood pumping, boiling in fact, actually enough to jump start the most fatigued mindset! Hannibal Lector himself would gladly dine on the resulting fricasseed cerebellum. So, chow down on this masterful, well produced, techno infused slice of darkness. Enjoy it to its fullest, listen to it loud and journey ‘Through The Cerebral Cortex’
“Through the Cerebral Cortex” released on March 3rd, 2023 and can be heard/purchased HERE
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About The Author:
Atomic Robo Kid was manufactured in 1981 & promptly put into service at Terra 12. His primary objective was to engage and destroy the mutated alien life forms, wreaking havoc on the colonists on Terra-12. His determination and superior fire power eventually ensured the survival of the colonists. The victory was commemorated by the release of an arcade game in 1988. 
Deemed unstable, his Atomic capabilities have more recently been decommissioned. Although, still a fierce adversary with fully functional lasers he is now a sworn protector of Synthwave. Releasing mixes or single track uploads most Fridays on his YouTube channel. 

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