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The Roaring City

Single Review

The Roaring City by Magic Portal

Author: Atomic Robo Kid

The Roaring City is ALIVE

The Magic Portal paints the perfect aural accompaniment to a deep Retrowave dipped dream with this sparkling feel good track ‘The Roaring City’. This is the second release from The Magic Portal. Luca, also a producer from eLxAr, has produced another stunningly well crafted track providing a beautifully chilled Dreamwave few minutes (well, just under 5) that make you wish life itself could be this tranquil.
‘The Roaring City’ gradually awakens with a high octave Synth melody with nicely timed modulations adding depth and further interest to an exquisite layering of sounds.
As the track progresses we are privy to the magical delights of a Roaring City, not one that perhaps we may associate with a busy city space but one that encourages togetherness, peace and harmony. If only such a place existed!  
Mid-way through, there is a pause to the Synthwave drum pattern allowing for time to look out at the vast expanse, reflect and soak in those sunny rays of warm soft synthpad sounds with an overlaying hook that builds up into a Synthwave kick bringing us back to a busier but still harmonious place. 
‘The Roaring City’ is alive and now in full swing, bringing to the fore some careful instrument changes to carry the melody to a magical finale. 
Overall, The Magic Portal’s ‘The Roaring City’ is a dreamy and emotive track driven by beautiful retrospective sounds steeped with a passion for the 80’s. This track is recommended for anyone who enjoys some Chilled Synthwave with nicely composed Dreamwave elements. It will be available from February 1st to stream via Spotify. Link above. In fact whilst you’re there have a listen to The Magic Portal’s debut track ‘2917: Kids Playground’. You will not be disappointed. 


“The Roaring City” released on February 1st, 2023 and can be streamed, HERE
You can follow and support The Magic Portal ( and eLxAr) at the links below:
About The Author:
Atomic Robo Kid was manufactured in 1981 & promptly put into service at Terra 12. His primary objective was to engage and destroy the mutated alien life forms, wreaking havoc on the colonists on Terra-12. His determination and superior fire power eventually ensured the survival of the colonists. The victory was commemorated by the release of an arcade game in 1988. 
Deemed unstable, his Atomic capabilities have more recently been decommissioned. Although, still a fierce adversary with fully functional lasers he is now a sworn protector of Synthwave. Releasing mixes or single track uploads most Fridays on his YouTube channel. 

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