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The Dark Side of Heaven

Album Review

The Dark Side of Heaven by Neon Demon

Author: Atomic Robo Kid

glide through the celestial clouds that lay close to heaven, yet favour the darker corners where one might find fallen angels plotting to take over the Kingdom…

So, I’ve been listening to Neon Demon’s album ‘The Dark Side of Heaven’ for some time and it’s safe to say I have become slightly addicted to this crisp sounding slice of Dark Synthwave. It leads perfectly, and purposely from his previous ‘The Light Side of Hell’ ( which is a must-listen).
 A beautifully composed array of complex synth textures, emotive atmospheric parts and melodic guitar sections create a captivating aural experience. Leading the journey through a clean, well produced album. And, as aforementioned completing a story spanning across two albums that link not just in concept but also from the last track title from ‘The Light Side of Hell’ to the first track title of ‘The Dark Side of Heaven’, and that’s were we start, with ‘Eclipse pt2’.
Eclipse part2’, the opening track to the darkened synthverse of Neon Demon’s creation, greets us with a whirling deep atmosphere. A pulsing bass pluck pulls us in deeper and within no time at all we are in the darker realms of those celestial planes where the kick and claps of alternative rock drum samples provides a steady pace through the twists and turns of some enticing synth and subtle guitar work.
I enjoyed the eerie stepped up melody of ‘Rapture‘. It had me envisioning a dark being with malicious intent hiding somewhere in the shadows. Quite thrilling, and a touch blasphemous like I’ve gate crashed a Church service blasting melodic metal. 
At the outpost of humanity lay ‘Dystopia‘, a cool sounding cyberpunk-adjacent track. Cutoff bass rhythms rides us face first into this dystopian vision. Then, slow sludgy riffs provide the support building deep body into the track. There’s a nice metal feel to this and, perhaps to my ears only, I hear a composition that reminds me of Pantera’s ‘Domination’ (that part towards the end). A cool mix of genres in the melting pot!
The Dead of Night‘ is a somber melancholic journey shrouded in mystery and suspense. Slow riffs interact with the perfectly timed deep drum work. Spectral crackling sounds assist in creating an eerie horror mood whilst a Xylophone sounding instrument adds to the suspense.
The dark bass sounds of ‘Hellbent‘ has a vibe to it, kinda Trance like, like an alternative Knight Rider theme just with evil intentions in mind, no ones being saved today and souls are ripe for the harvest. This works very well indeed with the accompanying rock style drum patterns and evolving melody.
That Trance sound continues with ‘Breathless‘, adding a euphoric edge; however, we are now exposed to a track with more of an EDM style leaving a feeling of weightlessness and higher state of emotion. A Crisp EDM kick leads us further to breathelessness with higher notes of melody interweaving through the composition. It’s not long until some initially subtle chorus like guitar work carries the progression of the track.
Arpeggiated synths roll through highs and lows and high sustained chords leading through a pleasant journey deep ‘Into the Void‘. We gently spiral through the atmosphere and are welcomed with more nicely worked lead guitar melodies.
Almost space wave deep brass notes introduce us to the delights of ‘The Dark Side of Heaven‘. Expertly composed guitar bounces from a softer synth melody. This is a truly epic track with lots going on and really interesting progressive changes as the track develops. I think you’ll enjoy the array of sounds and the effortless fluidity. It’s a great finishing track for an awesome Dark Synthwave experience.
Overall this album is cleverly composed, deeply immersive and works well in balancing lighter melodic moments with darker more sinister characteristics. Moments of relaxation, captivating our thoughts and allowing time for self reflection are combined cleverly with a host of heavier more menacing moments. This album mixes progressive rock elements with intricate synth work and even, at times, some doom ridden bass.
I’m sure Heavens lovely, at least that’s what we are led to believe. However, I’m more keen to explore the darker fringes that threaten to remove that tranquility and for me this album does just and I love it!
This is a well produced album and If you’ve come for an awesome piece of Dark Synthwave, tap into ‘The Darkside of Heaven’ by Neon Demon.

‘ The Dark Side of Heaven’ released on Oct 31st 2022 and can be purchased here 

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About The Author:
Atomic Robo Kid was manufactured in 1981 & promptly put into service at Terra 12. His primary objective was to engage and destroy the mutated alien life forms, wreaking havoc on the colonists on Terra-12. His determination and superior fire power eventually ensured the survival of the colonists. The victory was commemorated by the release of an arcade game in 1988. 
Deemed unstable, his Atomic capabilities have more recently been decommissioned. Although, still a fierce adversary with fully functional lasers he is now a sworn protector of Synthwave. Releasing mixes or single track uploads most Fridays on his YouTube channel. 


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