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Synths for Equality…& Beyond

Outworld Sounds & Popart Ave are teaming up to release a synth compilation to raise money
for the Trans & LGBTQ charity– PFLAG

Recent legislation in the US has targeted gender-affirming care, drag shows, and in some places wearing clothing “outside of your gender” is an arrestable offense with FELONY charges. This legislation is scary, backwards, and will have a huge impact on an already vulnerable community which is why we felt the need to act, raise awareness, and try to raise money to help and provide resources to those that will be impacted. 

The compilation album “Synths for Equality…& Beyond” will feature many artists in the synth
community who have provided original music ( some pre-released and some brand new
exclusive tracks!) to highlight this need for change with a celebration of music & life.

When I say this album is a banger from BEGINNING to END I am not exaggerating.

Artists included are:
Unheard Sirens, Inc
Keith McCoy
The Gee J
Star Madman
Jonny Fallout
Liquid Modern
Cocaine for Toothaches
Helsinki Project
Alpha Chrome Yayo

Release date is March 31st, which is International Transgender Day of Visibility. Our hope is to
use this day to raise all of our voices to show we are allies, and to create as much impact as
possible, with all proceeds going to PFLAG.

We couldn’t be more proud to be among such amazing artists, and we can’t wait to see what this community can do. 


Pre-orders are available now at this link:

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