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Some Updates!

Hello there!

So we thought we might as well give you all some updates of whats been changed or done on the website.
First up, lets list them!

List of changes:
* More gender options available in the about page on your profile page!
* Link options to a set of services outside of the website is now available in about as well.
The way it works is that you use the username to make a direct link to your profile – for instance:> ********* <- Those numbers are what you put in your spotify link.
* We´ve done some backend updates so the website should be a bit faster overall now!
* Other things we´ve been working on is being done for one of the main functions of the website.
It sort of works as it is right now, but we wont put this out into the world until it works perfectly!

As for the community – We need your help here!
We need a listing of genres the community likes to produce. Its for a specific purpose of course!

With that, we hope you are enjoying the website and look forward to next episode of Taste Of The Underground!

Stay well Bits!

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