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Album Review

KTHULLU by Dav Dralleon

Author: Atomic Robo Kid

    KTHULLU the almighty cosmic             entity has been summoned.

The world runs deep in rivers of red and mankind begins to drown in their own blood. The prophecy is true, the end is here: ‘Humans will be part of an ocean of blood as far as the eye can see, at the gates of R’lyeh’.  Dav Dralleon’s newest album ‘KTHULLU’ has arrived. 

The power and energy in this album certainly has the capability of tapping into the psyche of beings from otherworlds and invoking dark cosmic entities and evil spirits. Perhaps to follow your hidden darkest desires of destruction or perhaps to turn you to the tide of the Oceans of blood. 

We enter this sonic demonic delight via the ‘Dark Gates Ov R’lyeh’. Metallic clangs and deep atmospheric sounds welcome us inside. Hums of a monstrous creature and faint mysterious cult mutterings evolve into an intricate lead guitar melody and drum beat that gets the blood flowing! There’s some dark grooves in here too for those that enjoy a bit of head banging with their heavy Synth music.  The gates are open and the opening track is a clear indication of the onslaught that is coming!

‘Voodoo Shubniggurath’, spews forth a barrage of brutal riffs, dramatically paced percussion and cleverly positioned caesura allowing for a change in sound thus intensifying its momentum. Towards the end, its aggression is slightly pacified by what might be those swells of blood flooding in at those dark gates of R’lyeh. 

‘Eldritch Horror Machine’, featuring Fixions, has Fixions’ signature synth sound all over it! Now combine that with the powerful percussion and breaks that Dav Dralleon has mastered and you know you are in for a great time!

“…. beautifully suspenseful supernatural tones that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up”

The end of ‘Necronomicon Witchcraft’ flows nicely into ‘The Frozen Lake’. Both tracks are deeply atmospheric exuding a darkened ambience. A chilling soundscape is created here drawing our thoughts deeper into the narrative. Something seems to awaken as the sounds merge into ‘The Frozen Lake’; the mechanical type samples create a percussive element whilst a flowing Synth pattern laden with mystery offers an additional layer to the soundscape. These tracks seem to serve as a brief interlude before we are hit full force with the brutal barrage that ensues throughout the remainder of the album.

The collaborations in KTHULLU are absolutely spot on and you really don’t need to read the tracklist to learn which artist Dav Dralleon has worked with, which I love.  Each guest artist has their own trademark sound and this can be heard proudly combined with the genius of Dav’s style. This is very true when listening to ‘Invoking The Spectral Madness’ which includes contributions from Draven. It has that injection of Horror you dream of in Draven’s work, those beautifully suspenseful supernatural tones that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, that are enhanced by Dav’s expert use of percussive elements. This track has many twists and turns, with glitched moments cleverly evolving into a danceable, almost industrial EDM track. 

‘Wizards Ov Azathoth’ feat. Void Stare is the final collaboration and again the guest appearance of Void Stare, his mastery of the classic Darksynth sound, is ever present alongside Dav’s heavy edge making for another single worthy collaborative track. 

Like your face melted by sheer ferocity of sound? Then, you’re going to love ‘Dungeon Xoth Octoterror’. This,  in my mind, is what Dav Dralleon does best. Assembling an explosive array of brutal beats, break downs and risers, that grab your attention and really sets him apart from other Metal Synth artists out there.

Kthulhu is the finale, and the BPM lowers slightly, but don’t worry there’s still plenty of adrenaline flowing across this epic 7 minute feature. I fear the Kthullu has awoken, with monstrous roars and expertly composed deep sludgy riffs. The despair is played through with soundtrack intensity which is assisted by orchestral sounds.

If Metal Synth, Shredwave, or any other sub genre of aggressive metal is your thing then you will absolutely love ‘Voodoo Shubniggurath’, ‘A Cosmic Sacrifice To Dagon’, ‘Death May Die’, ‘Outer Gods Exodvs’ and ‘Kthulhu’. Hold on to your seats though as a twisting and perilous ride awaits. Of course by aggressive metal I mean the kind of rapid fire drums and guitar hooks that would rile up a mosh pit with devastating effect. Heavy riffs ripping through metal adjacent percussion is simply mind-blowing.  Put it this way, these tracks made me dust off my old copy of Slayers ‘Reign in Blood’. Man, I love this album! 

I really enjoy concept albums, it’s well worth ‘buying into’ and investing some time understanding the story telling involved in them. It serves not only to better inform the emotion and journey through the progression of tracks, it also deepens your understanding of the creative process and allows for a unique insight into the artist’s thoughts. That said, you really do not need to have read HP Lovecraft’s ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ to thoroughly enjoy the album and appreciate it for the expertly produced, heavy riffing, beat smashing album that this is. Just be warned, playing too loud may actually awaken the Kthulhu from its dream state to wreak chaos upon this earth.

I highly recommend KTHULLU, it would make a perfect addition to the library of any fan of Darksynth or Metal Synth and anyone else that needs to release some pent up aggression. 

KTHULLU released on November 25th 2022 and can be found HERE
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About The Author:
Atomic Robo Kid was manufactured in 1981 & promptly put into service at Terra 12. His primary objective was to engage and destroy the mutated alien life forms, wreaking havoc on the colonists on Terra-12. His determination and superior fire power eventually ensured the survival of the colonists. The victory was commemorated by the release of an arcade game in 1988. 
Deemed unstable, his Atomic capabilities have more recently been decommissioned. Although, still a fierce adversary with fully functional lasers he is now a sworn protector of Synthwave. Releasing mixes or single track uploads most Fridays on his YouTube channel. 



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