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Look At That Cat

Single Review

Look At That Cat That by Remixedcat

Author: Cocaine for Toothaches


C# Major, the rave-est of keys

Remixedcat’s “LOOK AT THAT CAT” has the elements to become a rave staple. Major key, driving four-on-the-floor kick beat (approx 144bpm), chords in C# major (with a borrowed B major chord for a tiny dash of spice) that wander aimlessly but don’t seem out of place. Choppy, bouncing synth melody/lead to cut over the rest of the track. This is an instrumental track designed to help let off a little steam on the dance floor. 

Break #1 comes in at two minutes. The drum beat gets sparse, the melody synth gets lower and darker and simpler. This section gives a half-time feel, a moment to wick the sweat away from the brow. Sixteen bars and then we’re back at it.

Break #2 is at 2:36 and has a key change to Bb major, but keeps the driving four-on-the-floor. Then back to the original beat At 3:12 is break #3 with another key and half-time feel change. Since I’m not a rave attender and I’m not down with the cool kids I have no idea whether or not feel changes work in a dance track. Personally, I think they might. I like that the song is broken up a bit in places, I think that gives it more interest and life.

The only thing I wish this track had is at least one additional synth sound for that melody/lead
synth. There are enough changes/B sections where a different melody sound could be used, even if only for a few bars. That’s probably not the most important thing for a dance record, just a personal, selfish little tidbit I wish I had. Overall however I would recommend throwing Remixedcat’s “LOOK AT THAT CAT” on your dance/party/club gramophone, or whatever you whippersnappers have these days—what with all the touch-tone phones and party pizzas and trapper keepers. In my day music was hitting a rock with a stick and we liked it. So since you young’n’s are so spoiled, go put this track on and dance why don’t ya!

‘Look At That Cat’ Released on January 4th, 2023 as part of the EP ‘Look At That Cat!’ and can be purchased HERE
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About the author:
Coke has been around music a long, long time. As a child in a family of musicians and in-and-around a family-owned studio in the 1980’s, he has seen the ups and downs of the music scene and lifestyle. He plays/has played several instruments including piano/keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, and even dabbled on low brass and drums for a bit, as well as being a bang-average vocalist. Coke studied (and won departmental awards in) composition, theory, and classical guitar performance during undergraduate work, as well as taught private guitar lessons for children and adults. He spent ten years (up until the pandemic) as a superstar guitarist/bassist/musical
director in the CCM world, before crashing down to earth, humbly surrendering all that non-existent fame and fortune for the quiet life. He now endeavors on synthwave-adjacent music, working as a shipping boss, and living with his wife and (some of) his six grown children in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA.


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