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Falling Down

Single Review

Falling Down by KMX VII

Author: Cocaine for Toothaches


Everyone’s gone to the movies.

Swiss artist KMX VII’s new instrumental single “Falling Down” is out. It features a mix of minor-key cinematic goodness and good ol’ proper synthwave, although at a slightly slower feel and tempo.

Synth brass takes over from the start, playing an arpeggiated melody set up in threes roughly following the four chords of the pattern. This is followed by a quavering sawtooth lead plays a counter-melody in the B section, where the second and third chords are reversed. More and more epic layers are added as time marches—choir voice samples, super-tight percussion, trademark helicopter synth, pads that layer with the choir voices. Bass. I wanted the percussion to be more spacious and echoing to match the cinematic feel, but that may have proved to be too much once all the layers arrived.

Human Touch.

By the time all the layers are introduced, I noticed the compressor on the master buss working overtime, thus pumping the whole mix in spots. It’s not super-noticeable to the untrained ear, but it’s a sound artifact I’m very familiar with. The threshold setting probably just needs to be dialed back a bit to accommodate the loudest part of the song. Also I noticed the synth brass arpeggios have a slightly un-quantized feel. It sounds as though they were played live. This is not a bad thing, per se. It adds a human performance element to it all. The timing isn’t that far off at all, but when the helicopter bass enters 20 seconds in, it’s noticeable since that fluttering is definitely quantized (it has to be or things fall apart).



Clocking in at just over three minutes in length, “Falling Down” won’t have you scrambling for the exits to get home to the babysitter in time. If you like a little cinematic flair and don’t mind a touch of humanity in the overall production, check it out. Use it as a backdrop to fight dragons with a bespoke sword made by a blacksmith with mystical powers and highly questionable taste in romantic partners.

“Falling Down” released on Jan 13th, 2023 and can be found HERE
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About the author: Coke has been around music a long, long time. As a child in a family of musicians and in-and-around a family-owned studio in the 1980’s, he has seen the ups and downs of the music scene and lifestyle. He plays/has played several instruments including piano/keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, and even dabbled on low brass and drums for a bit, as well as being a bang-average vocalist. Coke studied (and won departmental awards in) composition, theory, and classical guitar performance during undergraduate work, as well as taught private guitar lessons for children and adults. He spent ten years (up until the pandemic) as a superstar guitarist/bassist/musical director in the CCM world, before crashing down to earth, humbly surrendering all that non-existent fame and fortune for the quiet life. He now endeavors on synthwave-adjacent music, working as a shipping boss, and living with his wife and (some of) his six grown children in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA.]

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