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User submitted music reviews.


Album Review Worldbuilder by Dream Commander Author: Cocaine for Toothaches Final Mario Sonic Zelda Fantasy XXII I’m listening to Worldbuilder by Dream Commander, the project up for discussion today.  And the all-encompassing thought I have is “this is absolutely a soundtrack for an early 90’s… Read More »Worldbuilder

The Roaring City

Single Review The Roaring City by Magic Portal Author: Atomic Robo Kid The Roaring City is ALIVE  The Magic Portal paints the perfect aural accompaniment to a deep Retrowave dipped dream with this sparkling feel good track ‘The Roaring City’. This is the second release… Read More »The Roaring City

This Fun Might Kill Us

Album Review This Fun Might Kill Us by Chatterless Author: Cocaine for Toothaches   Serenity. As far as the United States is concerned- one of the most beautiful, yet criminally underrated, areas of the country is the Pacific Coast; specifically in Oregon.  The towering bluffs,… Read More »This Fun Might Kill Us

Action Hero Supercar

Single Review Action Hero Supercar by Vulkari 64 Author: Cocaine for Toothaches Here in my car, I feel safest of all It’s appropriate that I first listened to this track in my car. To be honest I didn’t actually know the name of the track at… Read More »Action Hero Supercar

Memories of Nowhere

EP Review Memories of Nowhere by Jonny Fallout Author: Cocaine for Toothaches Doom. Sweet, sweet, blissful doom. I’m sitting here staring at the album cover artwork for this new (as of writing), almost-but-as-yet-not-quite-released EP Memories of Nowhere by electronic artist Jonny Fallout, and I’m trying… Read More »Memories of Nowhere


Album Review Awakenings by Thermal Noise Author: Atomic Robo Kid Thermal Noise has just dropped their Cyber gem of an album ‘Awakenings’, under the label PurZynth Rekords. Be prepared for an intoxicating journey through futuristic cityscapes and high energy cyber attacks. Moments of atmospheric beauty… Read More »Awakenings

The Point of No Return

EP Review The Point of No Return by Helsinki Project Author: Cocaine for Toothaches     The Final Frontier      “The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner… Read More »The Point of No Return


Album Review KTHULLU by Dav Dralleon Author: Atomic Robo Kid     KTHULLU the almighty cosmic             entity has been summoned. The world runs deep in rivers of red and mankind begins to drown in their own blood. The prophecy… Read More »KTHULLU


EP Review Circumjacent by Liquid Modern Author: Cocaine for Toothaches (the following may or may not have happened.) I walked out of the Parisian rain and into a secret, underground, illicit, rebellious dance club.  Never had it been my thing in the past, but I… Read More »Circumjacent