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User submitted music reviews.

The Dark Side of Heaven

Album Review The Dark Side of Heaven by Neon Demon Author: Atomic Robo Kid glide through the celestial clouds that lay close to heaven, yet favour the darker corners where one might find fallen angels plotting to take over the Kingdom…   So, I’ve been listening… Read More »The Dark Side of Heaven

Look At That Cat

Single Review Look At That Cat That by Remixedcat Author: Cocaine for Toothaches   C# Major, the rave-est of keys Remixedcat’s “LOOK AT THAT CAT” has the elements to become a rave staple. Major key, driving four-on-the-floor kick beat (approx 144bpm), chords in C# major (with… Read More »Look At That Cat

Redrum 8

Single Review Redrum 8 by Draven Author: Atomic Robo Kid  I have sipped from the bottle and with that taste of blood, I’m eager to feast on the flesh of mortals and further quench my thirst for that red liquor, which Vampire masters share an equal… Read More »Redrum 8


Album Review Atmosphere by Lyn Raja Author: Cocaine for Toothaches     Jules Verne in reverse We’re not off to Iceland for this one, spelunking into an icy, extinct volcano. Nor are we about to encounter direct time-travel to the prehistoric, meeting Cenozoic creatures on our… Read More »Atmosphere

Falling Down

Single Review Falling Down by KMX VII Author: Cocaine for Toothaches   Everyone’s gone to the movies. Swiss artist KMX VII’s new instrumental single “Falling Down” is out. It features a mix of minor-key cinematic goodness and good ol’ proper synthwave, although at a slightly… Read More »Falling Down


Single Review LMK by Star Madman Author: Cocaine for Toothaches Magic. For a few, music is an annoyance. An oddity. A frivolity. A profanity.         For some, music is background noise. A distraction. An accompaniment to the mundane. A soundtrack to the party.… Read More »LMK


Album Review Retrospective by ReveLever Author: Cocaine for Toothaches We’ll just start by getting the obvious out of the way: namely, Retrospective by ReveLever (released by Retro Reverb Records) is a compilation of previous releases from the last 3-4 years, which should make the act of writing… Read More »Retrospective

The Dullahan

Single Review The Dullahan by Terror Syndrome Author: Atomic Robo Kid     I awaken to the darkness… …a nightmare. Before me, a horseman calls out my name. I turn to run, but it’s too late! The Dullahan strikes, my soul is captured.  ‘The Dullahan‘ by… Read More »The Dullahan


Single Review Aquacade by Neutron Solstice Author: Atomic Robo Kid     We are lured into the spell of ‘Aquacade’ by a soft melody and a dominating bass, the spiralling echoed vocals hypnotise us as we become under the command of Neutron Solstice. The classic, albeit more… Read More »Aquacade