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Outworld Admin

Hello, I am admin.

We are live again!

So after looking and checking and getting some help from our host, we are now in full swing again! Once again, we do apologize for the inconvenience, but with this, everything should be up and running properly!Welcome back Bits!

Website is back!

Hopefully everything is now somewhat working. We are still having some issues, but we will sort that out, but the community and everything else should be working!

Some Updates!

Hello there! So we thought we might as well give you all some updates of whats been changed or done on the website.First up, lets list them! List of changes:* More gender options available in the about page on your profile page!* Link options to… Read More »Some Updates!

The Grid is expanding!

With some help from Tim N from Bass Ape Records, we now have a semi functional site. He´ll try and sort as much as he can to make everything somewhat functional so bare with us!

Website is up!

Website is kinda up and running.We have added a shop, community for when you wish to connect with other users and custom submission set up for one of our shows – Taste of the Underground. More information will be added and you will be able… Read More »Website is up!