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A Few Minutes with Fallout

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I’ve regularly made the argument that the future of music is genre-less.  With the accessibility of music creation, and tastes and sounds no longer dictated by labels for attempted “mass-appeal”, the limitations of genre can no longer be over an artist’s head, granting more of an ability to create freely, and purely. There’s also been a big cultural shift, where the mixing of genres is so common even in the most popular music, that trying to pin a label on a lot of current music is an arbitrary practice to simply reach an audience or please an algorithm. When I say this, there’s a subconscious part of me that hopes it’s also a call to artists. Wishful thinking. A world where musicians create without having to feel they have to drive carefully in the tire tracks left behind by those before them. A hope that music can simply be an exploration of sound, and the politics can stay out of the studio, and left on the front pages of Twitter and Reddit where they belong. 

Jonny Fallout is an artist of the future, and perfectly embodies the principle behind this. Someone who so carefully straddles the line of familiarity while exploring all of the possibilities of electronic music. Pop from a dimension we think we know, but haven’t fully explored yet.

This is just the start of what I love about this artist, and why I wanted to get to know just a little more about him.  Let’s spend a few minutes with Jonny Fallout


What are 3 tracks of yours to listen to, to get a good sense of you as an artist?

“Dreaming the Truth”: A synthpop ballad from my new EP on Retro Reverb Records, “Memories of Nowhere”.  


“I See It In Your Eyes (Galaxies)”: This track has that ‘80s feel combined with a modern electronic pop sensibility. It’s one of my absolute favorites from “Cybertherial”. 


“Night Falls on Ultra City”: This is the first track from my cyberpunk soundtrack EP, “Escape from Ultra City”. It has a sci-fi, cinematic flavor throughout.  



A meme you most closely identify with: 


What’s an accomplishment you feel most proud of?

I’m very proud of my first album, “Cybertherial”. As a solo artist, I had never put together an entire album of music, prior to this one. Previously, I had always written music as part of a band — be it prog rock, industrial, jazz, electronic music, etc. So, that was a big accomplishment for me to write all those songs, working on them for more than a year. When I listen to “Cybertherial”, I can hear all the mixing and production elements I would change, and at the same time think, “I still really enjoy these songs.”  

Favorite Era of music/why?

That’s a tough one to answer. I really love so much of the music from the ‘70s and ‘80s, but if I had to choose, the ‘90s would have to be my favorite era. From Nine Inch Nails to Soundgarden to Ministry to Jane’s Addiction, Orbital to the Chemical Brothers, Goldie to Photek, that time period was amazing, prolific, and filled with fantastic sounds. I also attended shows pretty much every week. So, I got to see a lot of incredible live music, whether it was in a small club or bar, a larger performance hall or a big stadium.

If you could invent a new genre just for your sound or style, what would you call it?

A few years ago Fox Puppy described my track “Slow Burn” as “cybertherial”, because it incorporates elements of synthwave and chillwave with EDM. I liked the word so much, I named two albums after it … “Cybertherial” in 2021 and “Cybertherial II” in 2022 which was on Retro Reverb Records. I also happen to think cybertherial would make a great genre name for that combination of styles, synthwave mixed with other electronic music.

First album you bought with your own money

Like many in GenX, my first experience buying music with my own money was (in all likelihood) from the Columbia Record Club. I got a bunch of cassettes from them including Van Halen’s incredible album, 1984.

What artistic advice do you wish you could go back and give yourself when you first started?

If I could give my younger self some advice it would be “Don’t stop producing music. Just keep working at it.” I took a long break from writing and producing music regularly. Although, to be fair, I did have other creative pursuits, including writing a science fiction novel and non-fiction tech books and articles. 


What’s your Favorite way to unwind?

I’m a big fan of sci-fi. So, reading a book or watching a movie is a great way for me to relax. I love the beach, too. Going swimming in the ocean is a top choice. Although, I don’t get to do that nearly often enough.  

Which song of yours do you most closely resonate with/why?

From a musical standpoint, my song “Slow Burn” really captures a lot of what I enjoy about music. It has a laid back groove, an amazing vocal, and it really builds up to a satisfying melodic ending.

“Slow Burn”


Upcoming projects?

I have a new album coming this spring called “Unknown Unknowns” that I’m really excited about. The music is cinematic cyberpunk with IDM and house influences, similar to my “Escape from Ultra City” EP. I spent 12 months, on and off, crafting these songs. So, I’m pretty stoked to have people finally hear it. “Unknown Unknowns” will be released on American electronic music record label, Triplicate Records. I’m finishing up the album now, and just can’t wait to share it.

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About the Author:
Cait ( or C8 depending on which program you’re conversing with) is one-half of the team behind the birth of Outworld Sounds. A horror head, anime nerd in a fun-size package, and a long-time and passionate follower of Metal & Dance music, she dove into the world of creating synth music with her husband during the pandemic and dreams of one day taking their act on the road like a traveling band of cyberpunk gypsies.  She lives in the beacon of civilization NJ, USA with her husband & life collaborator Max, their dog Baphomet, and their magical daughter. You can follow her on Twitter where she likes to post bad memes & talk about movies. 

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great read, look forward to the new release,, especially if its similar to escape from Ultra City which i have on Bandcamp.
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@peepso_user_25(Nate Beta) Super looking forward to it too!
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